Exklusive Einblicke in den mächtigsten Konzern der Welt

Thomas Schulz, der Silicon-Valley-Korrespondent des SPIEGEL, liefert in seinem Bestseller eine einmalige Nahaufnahme des mächtigsten Konzerns der Welt. Er verfügt über exklusive Zugänge in das sonst so verschwiegene Unternehmen und bietet Einblicke in dessen Geheimlabors und die Denkweise der Unternehmensführung. Sein Buch ist ein dringend nötiger Beitrag zu einer hochbrisanten, oft emotional geführten Debatte um unsere Daten und die digitale Zukunft.

Im Januar 2016 erreicht "Was Google wirklich will" Platz 1 auf der Bestsellerliste für Wirtschaftsbücher.

 Thomas Schulz im ZDF auf dem Blauen Sofa.

Bestellung: Amazon


How the Internet giant really works, thinks and plans

Google is said to be overpowering, insatiable, a kraken in the ocean of data. The company has been struggling with image problems for a long time. The growing feeling of unease, however, does not alter the fact that we are letting Google rule our lives. Smartphone, Internet research, navigation – Google is our gateway to the world. And its ambitions go much further, are much greater: Google soon wants to control our cars and our homes, just as it wants to manage the world's data traffic; it wants to shoot satellites into space, build self-driving cars and autonomous robots and prolong human life. 

Google is systematically turning into a future machine with which the world of tomorrow is first to be fabricated and then steered. Thomas Schulz, the Silicon Valley SPIEGEL correspondent, has given us a unique close up view of the most powerful business concern in the world. He has exclusive access to the secretive company and offers views of its secret laboratories, of the plans of the product developers and the mindset of its board of managers. His book is a search for the true ambitions of the company and at the same time an urgently necessary contribution to a highly explosive and often emotionally held debate about our data and the digital future.

The book reached number 1 on the German bestseller list for business books in January 2016.